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Tips for Guiding Children Toward Healthy Decision-Making

02 Aug 2022 4:02 PM | Anonymous

Nothing can make you prouder than seeing your children grow into balanced and productive members of society.  Kids encounter a variety of ideas, some of which may motivate them to make unhealthy choices. The following suggestions provide ways to help you train kids to become responsible decision-makers.

Instilling Safety Consciousness 

Set a good example daily when it comes to safety on the road. For instance, always use your seatbelt when riding in a vehicle, even if it's just for a short trip. Promote bicycle safety by training kids to wear their bike helmets. Let them pick out the color and decorate their gear with decals. Teach them how to do regular bike maintenance and model safe behavior by attending to any apparent mechanical issues with your vehicle.

Discuss home safety with the whole family and determine how everyone can contribute. Create a “see something, say something” policy. If someone is standing on a chair or a shelf to reach a high item, a family member should remind them that a ladder is the appropriate equipment. No one should use tools without proper training, and individuals should always ask for help with heavy jobs. 

Benefitting From Professional Guidance 

If a few bad habits have already taken root, a medical professional can help your kids make adjustments. A specific assessment of the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle along with a demonstration of examples can motivate the family to make needed changes. Since time and money are precious, search for affordable, convenient, and reliable online care. With a fitness tracker, an online doctor can monitor your activity levels, diet, and sleep routine. Virtual healthcare allows flexibility, and electronic communication can simplify filling prescriptions. 

Teaching Financial Health 

One university study concluded that money habits can be formed by the age of 7, so teach children a good example of how to budget for necessary items while saving for major expenses. Teach them about opportunity cost by showing the tradeoff of sacrificing having one thing to purchase another, and demonstrate the joy of earning the desired item with hard work and saving.

Developing Leadership Capabilities 

Train your kids to be future leaders with a culture of high self-worth. A strong core of integrity guides children from falling into negative peer pressure. Strong decision-making skills help them to evaluate a course in light of the facts and motivate their peers to join them in healthier choices. Play games and activities where a child can be the captain and see the results of helping others. Older children should be encouraged to embrace training and assisting their younger siblings, but be careful not to place unrealistic demands or parentify them. 

Reducing Caffeine Dependency 

While each family has its customs on using coffee and other caffeinated beverages, be sure it doesn't become a

dependency. Monitor your child's response to caffeinated drinks and note any adverse side effects, like

hyperactivity, energy spikes and crashes, loss of focus, and poor sleep. Natural caffeine sources such as tea and

coffee seem to be beneficial in moderation. However, avoid energy drinks, which may have an abnormally high

level of caffeine and are loaded with sugar. 

Children can gain the skills for responsible and healthy decision-making with encouragement and patient training.

Help your kids learn how to make healthy choices for a life with few regrets and greater contentment.

-Written by Amanda Henderson

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