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Help is on the Way for Center Directors

23 Sep 2021 3:24 PM | Anonymous


Being a Director is a tough job.  A really tough one.  Whether your program is an afterschool program in a public school, a mother’s-day-out, an early learning center, child development program or an in-home program, you work more hours than anyone, except your significant other, suspects.


The burn-out rate is mind-boggling- 15 months is the average tenure of Directors.  We want to help with that.  And with the sense of overwhelm.  




I have heard that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.  I’m not 100% sure that that is true, but Kate & I definitely put in a lot of hard work and were very determined.  Determined to offer a resource for the overworked and overwhelmed Directors out there.


If you are feeling like there are twice as many things to be done than could possibly be done in a 24 hour period…


Help is on the way.

From Overwhelmed to “I Can Do It”: Guaranteed Success Route to Directing Your Childcare Center will be available wherever books are sold on the 1st. 

Please click this link and submit

If you want a sneak preview, just hit me up on email.

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