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Foundation Weekender Director's Success Personalized
 Ebook version of text - Optional Ebook & print version of text Ebook & print version of text
 Assignments completed online Assignments completed online or in person Work products based on what your center needs
 Offered 24 times a year Offered 6 times a year Scheduled individually
 40 training hours 50 training hours  80 training hours 
 Video & audio lectures to enhance learning video & audio lectures to enhance learning video & audio lectures to enhance learning
 5 supplementary audio trainings 5 supplementary audio trainings  5 supplementary audio trainings
  15 hours of class instruction during one weekend (7 students maximum) Personalized 1-on-1 instruction with a Director Success Coach
   2 days of personal transformation intensive
   1/2 hour coaching every month
  Complementary review of handbooks or business plan.
 $575 $650 $997

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