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Annual Mastermind Membership

  • 01 Jan 2022
  • 31 Dec 2022
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Shoutout to all the Directors & Owners with Titanic-sized dreams but no clue how to bring them to fruition…

Want to Learn How to Improve Every Aspect of Your Business?

If you’re craving a big change in your business or life, it’s time to up-level by joining a Director & Owners only Mastermind!

Here’s the deal…

You’re running a program with little outside support, so it’s no surprise you have a stress level that is through the roof!

Yep: No matter if you're brand new to running a center or you have been doing it for years, you need support.  You need a team of folks who will have your back and who get what you go through on a daily basis.

You also need a place to learn, to problem solve, to vent about what isn't working.

Where do you find the people to support you? Should you hire someone, use a computer application?  (There are sooo many! From ProCare to online apps, there are about a million creative ways to spend money on computer solutions.)  Which one(s) will actually work?

What kind of training should you attend?

How do you know if any of this will actually move you forward?

How do you stay motivated even when your goals seem light years away?

See, unfortunately, “success” isn’t quite as simple (or exciting) as it sounds. It’s not just about writing out a few bullet points in your planner or slapping a few fresh pink Post Its on your cork board.

Far too many people don’t know why, let alone how, to set the kind of big-yet-achievable goals that will give their businesses a boost in income and help their lives blossom.

And let’s be honest: As a Director or Owner who’s either solo or helming a small team, this isn’t good. You have to make sure you are headed in the right direction, and not just a waste of your precious time and energy.

You also have to make sure you actually make progress.  You need someone to keep you accountable.

So, what’s a well-meaning Director to do?

How do you know which steps will give your life & business more meaning (and let’s be honest, make you more money)–and which ones will just leave you feeling like you’re spinning your wheels (and wasting your pretty Post Its)?

Well, here’s the thing…

Directing a center should be energizing you and giving you a sense of connection and purpose but too often leaves you feeling isolated & overwhelmed!

The truth is we don’t just run a school to run a school. (Although providing a great environment for children to grow & learn is an amazing kick!)

We want to change the world in some small way.

And the good news is that amazing things can happen when you run an amazing program!

When you have the support you deserve, you can do incredible things, like:

·       Keep amazing staff members for years

·       Enroll more perfect-for-you people

·       Live your “best life” (as the kids say)

·       Earn a wage that reflects your true value to the program

·       Become a better, more altruistic human

In short?

Get People in Your Corner  Who Can Help You Figure Out How to Run Your Program the Right Way–and You CAN Make Meaningful Progress Toward Your Biggest Dreams!

…Even if you’ve set Titanic-sized goals before and fallen short.

…Even if you have a hard time leaving your center for an hour during operations.

…Even if you already have an administrative team.

...Even if you've been doing this job for years.

The good news is there are processes you can follow to make sure you’re running your program with systems that will move the needle, in a major way.

If you’re ready to learn how to set the right goals, establish the right systems and use them to better your life, your clients’ lives and the world…allow me to introduce you to…

Director Support Mastermind

During this monthly, first-of-its-kind program, I’m going to reveal how to improve your center, reduce your overwhelm and make your life, and the world better. Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  Set an unshakable foundation for your goals so you’re practically guaranteed to achieve them–including choosing the right goals and the right tools.

     Schedule your time around your priorities

     Attract more of the RIGHT clients

     Surround yourself with a great team

     Reduce overhead & time wasters


     Ditch the self-destructive behavior that’s stopping you from living your best life–and zapping your goal-hitting motivation to boot.

     Dream–and achieve–bigger, so you can help not just yourself but the entire planet!

Sound super? Here’s exactly what’s in store for you in this self-paced course…

January 25: Envision your best year ever

As with all things, you’ll be much more successful if you start with a rock-solid foundation first. In January, I will teach you how to put a powerful plan in place for achieving your most audacious goals. If you’re tired of creating goals that don’t stick, this one’s for you!

Here’s what we’ll cover…

      What to do before you rush into buying more planners, programs or “goal setting systems” (new “tools” aren’t always the answer–but I’ll reveal what is!)

      How to determine your learning style–and why it’s the #1 way to get more of the “right” things done, easier.

      How to get to the root of unproductive behaviors that have stopped you from setting solid goals in the past–so you can choose the right methods and tools this time and every time.

      An overview of tools suited for every learning style–so you can see real movement toward your goals!

February 22: Why Do We Do What We Do?

In February I’m going to help you really get to know your WHY.  This is the solid foundation from which all growth in your program grows.

This job is hard.  Really, really, hard.  Some days it is so unbelievably difficult that you want to hide under your desk.  But you keep coming back. 

You come back for a reason.  For lots of reasons, probably. WHY?  What is the underlying reason that you are a Director?  When we have uncovered that, everything else becomes so much easier.

Simon Sinek famously said “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”  So figuring out your why will make selling and hiring much easier.

By getting to what is really important we can decide what really needs to be done, what can be delegated, what should be changed and what we can let go of completely.

This gathering will be tremendously empowering.  

March, April , etc. 

Each month we will target a different area for growth. We'll deepen your skills, increase your bottom line & set up rockstar systems! 

It’s true: A successful business that provides you with money, freedom and maybe a fabulous vacation here or there is an amazing gift. 

By working with other directors you'll be able to have all this and more!  it is yours for the taking!

     Why giving to others, outsourcing, and giving up micromanaging might be the best thing you ever do for the longevity of your business–even if it “costs” you in the short term.

     Why your income growth plan should factor in what you want to give as well as receive–and how to do this effectively, no matter what you make now.

     Free ways to support your community locally–so you can still experience the giver’s high without shelling out a penny.

      Ways to reduce expenses and staff turnover

     3 questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re most capable of making a positive change

It’s Time to Get the Support You Deserve! 

Seriously. Just imagine if you had…

    Absolute clarity & confidence on your goal-setting process–that’s unique to you and how your brain works.

  •  Absolute clarity & confidence on your goal-setting process–that’s unique to you and how your brain works.
  •   Proven strategies for effective program management, so you know what kind of goals to set & exactly how to follow through on them.
  •   All the knowledge you need to grow your business, uplevel your lifestyle & make the world a better place!

    Sounds awesome, right?

    Well, this is it, friend: the end of the line (okay, or at least this page).
  • I know most people say goals are just dreams with deadlines–and that’s true, to an extent.
  • But if you want to make 2020 THE year you actually hit your goals–for the betterment of yourself, your life and the world at large–you’re going to need to go a little deeper than that.
  • So, either you can decide to jump in, feet first, and start learning these proven techniques for setting BIG goals you’ll actually achieve (plus learn all about how and why you might have sabotaged yourself in the past)…
  • ….Or, you can stick with your simple “write-it-on-a-Post-It-and-forget-it” system that you’ve been using–but not working–for years.
  • As always, the choice is yours.

Now, truth be told, there are no guarantees in life, so I can’t guarantee every goal you set with this program will come true. But I can promise the effective  strategies taught inside this program will give you the tools you need to set and hit goals that will get you where you want to go–in your business and in your life.

  • When you truly know how to do this, the possibilities are endless.

    What do you say? Cause I say it’s time to learn how to dream big–and achieve even bigger!

Carrie Casey

P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to set better goals for your business (and life), simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.

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