Step Forward Leading a Successful Program 

by bringing the pieces together

School Age and Early Childhood Director Training

If you came to this program because you are 

  • brand new in your position 
  • because you have an issue which is overwhelming you 
  • you’ve been procrastinating on something and looking to move forward professionally 
  • you’re very experienced but your getting in your own way, 
We promise you will discover some strategies, tips and new methodology for thinking and tools to help you move your future forward again and again.  That is one of the key things about this program – we are giving you something you will be able to use repeatedly when new things come up for you. We will be sharing the program in detail with you. We promise if you show up and do the work you will build a solid foundation.

While you will be doing the work in this program independently, we would like to hear from you and learn about your progress and the intention that you have for yourself, so please send us an email at any time to: info@texasdirector.org.

Director Credential - Foundation

The Foundation Course is designed for auditory and visual learners who are self starters.  It includes access to Course Sites and supplementary lecture videos and audio lectures. Hybrid students also have access 5 additional training modules.  This class is a self paced course that can be started at anytime.  Instructor office hours occur weekly.


The Weekender class is a class with both online and classroom elements.  The class size is capped at 7, to ensure good student/teacher ratio.  The teachers are experienced directors who can help you get a handle on your new position. In addition to the class time, Weekender students have 6 hours of coaching. This class is offered 6 times a year.

Director's Success Academy

The Director's Success Academy is a transformational event.  The Director's Success Academy is for the Director who wants to dive deeply into the material and work with a small group to transform your program.

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